Aspen’s Veuve Clicquot pop-up on the slopes

A secret roaming champagne and caviar bar

Aspen, the Gstaad of the United States, is big on skiing and bigger on luxury. Hence it is a worthy location for Oasis, the world’s only pop-up champagne and caviar bar to be reached via the slopes. Curated by The Little Nell hotel, this elusive snowcat of a bar (where bottles will be available for $89 and glasses for $19, with caviar also on offer) can only be located with clues gathered from social media – a treasure hunt for pleasure, conducted in the chill.    

“There are few things more indulgent than champagne and caviar,” says Simon Chen, general manager of The Little Nell, the only “in-and-out” ski hotel in town. “We just improved it a little by adding a stunning location on top of Aspen Mountain.”


On the slopes, fizz enthusiasts can log on to Twitter or Facebook between Fridays and Sundays to gather clues as to the whereabouts of this oasis. Nine times out of 10 the location will be best accessed on skis, but The Little Nell hints that this Veuve Clicquot venture will also appear at the bottom and top of the Silver Queen Gondola on occasion. Social media-phobes should keep a keen eye out for sunbursts of orange, as the bar will boast Veuve Clicquot’s vibrant golden umbrellas and chaises longues, while a solar-powered sound system will be a siren song for revellers.


“Because Oasis may be gone as quickly as it appears, it compels you to experience it or risk missing the opportunity,” says Aspen Mountain ski instructor Ted Mahon.

The Where’s Wally? of bars opens on Friday February 13, returning throughout the season, and is a veritable movable feast of champagne and caviar in the beautiful Aspen Mountains.

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