Yumbles: online farmers market

Delectable food and drink from more than 100 UK artisans

An online version of a farmers’ market, Yumbles has gathered more than 100 UK gourmet entrepreneurs on one site. “Yumbles was born out of our passion to discover, buy and enjoy hidden treasures,” says Katie Kitiri, who founded the company with her husband, Simos Kitiris.

Some items are all-out extravagant, such as the Alice Treasured Treats Chocolate & Cake hamper (£180, first picture, available in white, milk or dark chocolate) made by Fairy Tale Gourmet. It contains 22 indulgences, including Mad Hatter Bars and chocolate interpretations of Humpty Dumpty and the Tweedle Twins, and also comes with a stunning, hand-blown glass teapot adorned with rhinestones and personalised with initials. Elsewhere, the Wedding & Celebration cheese cake (£229, second picture) comprises eight different cheeses piled 54in high and topped with a heart-shaped Godminster cheddar.


The site also stocks Lalani & Co’s Vintage Winter White case of Indian-grown tea (£132), which comes with three 25g jars from 2010, 2011 and 2012 – particularly special, as only 5kg of this white tea are produced each year.

Meanwhile, marshmallows appear to be the new macaroons, with seven artisanal brands, including The London Marshmallow Company, whose delicacies are named after areas of London, such as The Canonbury (£6.50), flavoured with rosewater and pistachio praline. And no need to palm off any vegetarian, vegan, dairy- and gluten-free friends this Christmas with a cookbook: there are plenty of delightful products to suit their needs, such as The Cocoa Garden’s glorious A Big Box of 24 Chocolates (£24, third picture).


Although offering a vast selection of divine items, Yumbles is also on a mission. “Our longer-term vision is to create a credible alternative to the large food conglomerates,” says Kitiri. “We want to inspire people to become more passionate about what they eat.”

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