Blend your own coffee, then have it delivered

For lovers of the reviving bean, a tempting website full of flavours

Online artisan coffee company is aimed at coffee lovers who know their Brazilian beans from their Costa Rican. It was launched by “Kris and Phil” last October as an antidote to mass-produced coffee (they demur on revealing their surnames, which, like capital letters, appear to have been dispensed with throughout the site), and lets customers create their own blends using a “custom flavour profiling tool”.


Fortunately, this tool is neither as technical nor as complicated as it sounds. All you do is click on “choose an artisan”, then work with two measurement bars: one, for flavour, will set a signature point between “fresh” and “spicy”; the other allows you to select your ideal “body and mouth feel”, ranging from “light” (“elegant, bright, front-of-tongue” reads the description) to “rich” (“full, dark, intense”). After that, wait for the programme to come up with an appropriate blend. You then simply choose how (if at all) you want the beans to be ground, and when and how frequently you would like your coffee delivered (to anywhere in the UK). The only thing that could be easier, if the above criteria are at all confounding, would be to have the blend selected for you. Click on “choose grandcru” on the “get started” page, and it will do just that. Marvellous.


All the blends are delivered in handy, letter-box-sized packs (pictured) containing 150g of coffee, and – the best part – every one of them comes in at a very reasonable £5.89 per box. We’ll drink to that.

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