The ultimate in public spirited?

An extremely rare single malt goes up for auction

As the temperature drops, thoughts turn to winter warmers, and here’s a dram that’s set to be a real heart-warmer too. On Friday February 10, Glenfiddich is auctioning a bottle of one of the rarest single-malt Scotch whiskies ever distilled, in aid of Walking With The Wounded.

As the whisky in question is the 55-year-old Glenfiddich Janet Sheed Roberts Reserve, it should give a massive boost to the charity, which is dedicated to raising funds for the retraining and re-education of servicemen and women. Only 11 bottles of the malt will ever be released to the public, honouring Scotland’s oldest living person, the 110-year-old Janet Sheed Roberts, granddaughter of the Glenfiddich distillery founder. To put it in context, the first bottle was sold at auction last December for £46,850, breaking the world record for the most expensive single-malt Scotch whisky ever auctioned.


Of course, bidders on the night will feel fabulous knowing that all proceeds from the sale will go directly to Walking With The Wounded – especially if they are there in person, since some of the wounded servicemen who inspired the event will be attending too. (Private Jaco van Gass, who is one of five taking part in a Glenfiddich-sponsored expedition to Everest, will talk about the immense task ahead.)

But imagine how privileged the winner will feel when he or she finally samples the tipple. The poetic tasting notes describe it as having “the hue of autumn barley”, and reports how its “creamy vanilla and a gentle smokiness are beautifully counterbalanced with some sweeter oak notes. A drop or two of water releases further zesty orange flavours and an incredible vibrancy. Immediately after tasting, the finish is slightly dry, but grows with time to become extremely long, lively and sweet.”


If the whisky’s not for you, you can donate to Walking With The Wounded via its website.