Grey Goose’s Boulangerie François

A three-day London pop-up for baguettes and vodka-infused jam

Grey Goose knows how to throw a party. From film festivals and award ceremonies to the annual Winter Ball hosted by Sir Elton John, Le Fizz cocktails are never far from a red carpet. Yet for three days this month the label is putting aside the glitz and glamour and going teetotal; from Thursday November 28 until Saturday November 30, the suave vodka brand is set to open Boulangerie François, a pop-up artisanal bakery on Shaftesbury Avenue.

Far from going mad, the Grey Goose team is creating the boulangerie to celebrate the fine ingredients in François Thibault’s luxury vodka. After all, his decision to make the spirit in the Cognac region of France was quite unique, as Picardie wheat is generally used to create French breads and pastries. Using the highest-grade soft winter wheat (known as blé panifiable supérieur) and spring water naturally filtered through champagne limestone, the bread will be baked daily in the form of épi de blé circular and straight baguettes.

Visitors can take away an épi de blé and flavoured jam, but if a leisurely café experience is what you desire, you can sit and reminisce about breakfast in Paris. To accompany each baguette, a selection of confitures will be on offer, each made with a different-flavoured Grey Goose vodka. Choose from a mellow-sweet pear jam made using Grey Goose La Poire, a bright, zesty orange jam produced with Grey Goose L’Orange, or a soft, bittersweet lemon marmalade with Grey Goose Le Citron.


Though the thought of getting a little tipsy on sweet spreads is a novel one, all alcohol is burned off when the jams are made, leaving but a subtle hint of the vodka infusions. And forget martinis and Moscow Mules; the only liquid being poured will be pure spring water from the village of Gensac-La-Pallue in the Charente valley.

The artisan bread and gourmet jams will be offered gratis for the duration of the pop-up, but a donation to the Elton John Aids Foundation is appreciated. And if you’re out of town for the brief existence of the boulangerie, the Grey Goose pain and confitures will be served with Grey Goose Le Fizz cocktails at Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen from February 14 to 28 next year as part of the Grey Goose Le Fizz breakfast (£23.50), a special alternative to the champagne breakfast.

The perfect pick-me-up after late-night revelry.


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