Liquid sunshine from Umbria

Delicious, organic olive oil from a boutique producer

I blame it on all those little saucers of glistening golden unctuousness for dipping your ciabatta in, but I’ve become a bit of an olive-oil snob. I’d been edging up the price scale on supermarket shelves, when a friend introduced me to Casa Margherita, an online brand of organic olive oil from Umbria. It’s a new business started by a British couple, Adrian Henry and Rachel Williams, who moved four years ago to a beautiful house with neglected olive trees that they have now nursed back into health and boutique production.

The oil is extra virgin, cold-pressed and unfiltered and sold in rather beautiful tins or glass or ceramic bottles, through their website. I tried a small tin (£3.99); the oil is delicious, smooth, golden green, with a fresh grassy taste. I will definitely re-order. It’s brilliant for foodie gifts too; you can adopt an olive tree, which will be nurtured for a year, and your own oil sent to you when freshly harvested and cold-pressed. I’ll be giving that to friends-with-everything for a “big” anniversary. Liquid sunshine.


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