London luxuries to fight the winter blues

Hibernating in ultimate style is the only way to survive the cold, says a guest lifestyle blogger

Despitebeing the shortest month, February always seems to go on forever, like a drabstretch of dullness following Christmas’s festive excesses and January holidaysin the sunshine. This year, instead of moping around and sighing every time Ilooked out of the window, I decided to hibernate, to quash the February bluesand prepare for my spring awakening. Well, a hibernation of sorts – ifindulging in massages and manicures chez moi, treating myself to a night in aluxe hotel and e-shopping counts as hibernation.

I’verecently become addicted to the helping hands of the wonderful ladies atPerfect 10, a mobile beauty company that offers a simple but to-the-pointmenu of treatments. I am particularly fond of its Relaxing Massage(£60, 60 minutes). Follow it up with an Elemental Herbology facial (£75, 1 hour 15 mins) and a mani-pedi (£25 and £35 respectively) for an all-roundwellbeing pick-me-up.


I was also lucky enough to be treatedto the ultimate winter indulgence… a night in one of the Dorchester suites recently redecorated by Alexandra Champalimaud (pictured, from£2,665). The rooms fuse contemporary comfort and timeless glamoureffortlessly. A romantic four-poster bed is swathed in creamy pinks andivory silk, while subtle flashes of toile prints and luxe chinoiseriefabrics pepper the otherwise traditional English decor. The bathtub is deepenough for truly languorous lingering. My advice to anyone thinking offollowing suit would be to check in, cosy up and only venture forth (well,beyond the bedroom door) in order to enjoy a sumptuous dinner (with some closefriends) at the private “Table Lumière” at Alain Ducasse; its fibre-opticlight curtain envelops diners in a magical glow. And waking up to gaze at HydePark makes the heart soar.

My other personal recommendation to beat thewinter woes is the Private Shopping Service at online style destination CoutureLab.Instead of walking up and down Bond Street in the snow and cold trying to findthe perfect spring wardrobe, let the CoutureLab team put it all together foryou. Lazy, maybe, but completely dreamy.


Last but not least, for those who feel braveenough to venture outside, there is nothing I advocate more than the warmingMoch Distiller cocktail (£10), a concoction of Pampero Especial rum, agave nectar, pimento,orange and vanilla tea, served at the fabulously quirky Purl bar, aluxe, low-lit subterranean hideaway in Marylebone. Booking a booth and enjoyingan evening of jazz and cocktails is the ultimate spirit-lifting tonic.