A cultivated oyster event

A gourmet triumvirate shares the secrets of this British bivalve, chez Hix

Image: Jason Lowe

Following the success of Steak Night at Hix Oyster & Chop House, über-chef Mark Hix is staging an ebullient-sounding Oyster Evening on Tuesday February 26, which he is co-hosting with Wright Brothers’ mollusc master Robin Hancock and the managing director of wine distributor Fields, Morris & Verdin, John Hutton. Together, this gourmet triumvirate will enlighten a curious clientele on how best to prepare and serve seasonal oysters from the British Isles in innovative ways.


After pairing oysters with chablis and champagne, Hix, Hancock and Hutton will mingle with guests during a three-course meal that samples elements from the menus of London’s Oyster & Porter House and Cornwall’s Ferryboat Inn. As a partner in the Duchy Oyster Farm, a private fishery on the Helford River in Cornwall, Hancock in particular is well placed to share secrets about oyster cultivation, preparation and enjoyment.


Hix Oyster & Chop House, with its spectacular marble bar and gleamingly tiled walls, is a chic setting for a discussion of the merits and marvels of oyster varieties, from Lindisfarne and Cumbrae to Jersey, plus whether the best-dressed prize should go to caviar, crème fraîche, chilli or “come as you are”. Bring on the British bivalves.

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