A delicious new Valentine’s habit

Ladurée’s limited-edition love token of two halves

The inimitable taste and timelesselegance of Parisian pâtisserie Ladurée are beloved the world over by devoteesof the sweeter things in life – as is the company’s most famous confection, themacaron. For its Valentine’s Day celebrations this year, Ladurée is makinga range of these bite-sized delights filled with rose-tea and cognaccream, and packaging them in a pretty, heart-strewn box (second picture, £32 for 14). For aperfect ending to a dinner à deux, there is also a large, heart-shaped,rose-flavoured Ispahan macaron encasing rose-petal cream with raspberries andlychees (third picture, £21).


But there can be no finer symbol oftogetherness than the one envisaged by pastry chef Vincent Lemains, who hascreated a limited-edition version of the religieuse (first picture, £26; available from February 9 to14) – a choux pastry named after its shape, which looselyresembles a nun in her habit. In Lemains’ confection, one half, made of pink chocolate, contains amultitude of tiny puff pastries with rose-tea cream; the otherhalf, in dark-chocolate, encases the same puff pastries, but with cognac cream. Joined together, they standfirmly united against the outside, sheltering untold sweetness within.