Every dog has its day at Daphne’s

Limited-edition Lulu Guinness dog bowl celebrates dogs’ entry to the restaurant

The dogs of Chelsea have little missing in their lives. But restaurants where they can accompany their owners inside? Not so many. So both dog lovers and their pooches will be pleased to know that from July 1 they will both be welcome in the conservatory of Daphne’s, the iconic restaurant tucked just behind Brompton Cross, between 12pm and 6pm.

To celebrate this dog-tervention, hounds will be able to drink out of a Lulu Guinness-designed dog bowl (£60, first picture). Just 50 are available to buy, for delivery from August 1.


It is no coincidence that Guinness was asked to design the bowl, as not only is she a longstanding regular of the restaurant, but her little westie is named Daphne. The Daphne’s Dog Bowl features a cameo of Guinness’s pup on a backdrop of the signature teal colours of the restaurant (second picture). Each is handpainted, hand-fired and has the signature Lulu Guinness lips on the base.


Be alert, though, before you pitch up with a pooch: there’s a Daphne’s Doggy Code of Conduct. Only dogs the size of a springer spaniel will be allowed entry, and they must sit under the table and not try to eat off it. If dogs get too excited, they will be asked to be escorted off the premises by their owner, whether or not said owner is halfway through a plate of Veal Cotoletta alla Milanese.

As for good dogs, they get a specially designed Doggie Biscotti – at Daphne’s, every well-behaved dog will have its day.

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