Wild Honey’s offal dinner

Visceral delights including ox heart, pig’s head and sweetbreads

“Offal” is the bracing theme for a unique dinner at Wild Honey restaurant in London next month on July 5, which will see Michelin-starred chef Anthony Demetre (first picture) join forces with a panel of expert foodies to expound on the delights of innards.

The evening promises a menu (£60 including wine) of visceral delights such as ox heart, pig’s head, sweetbreads and rocky mountain oysters, interspersed with musings from chefs Martin Morales (Ceviche) and James Lowe (Lyles), as well as food writers William Sitwell, Xanthe Clay, Rosie Birkett and the FT’s own Tim Hayward.


A selection of wines from some of the world’s most exciting growing regions will also be on offer, along with plenty of opportunities for lively Q&As on a theme that also happens to be the chosen topic for this year’s Oxford Food Symposium.

Offal is an ingredient to be revered rather than feared,” says Demetre. “It’s versatile, full of flavour and shouldn’t be shied away from. Although its popularity has taken a hit over the past few decades, we’re seeing a resurgence with chefs like James and Martin championing offal on their menus. I’m looking forward to picking the brains of some of the industry’s leading experts and celebrating this undervalued cut.”


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