Finders Keepers


A joyful collection of 3D wall art

A Mexican couple’s collection gets a textural new dimension from an adviser with an eye for the innovative, says Emma Crichton Miller. Portrait by Graham Walzer

A collection of archaeology-inspired design

Sculptural pieces with classical elements bring a familiar ambience to the homes of a Greek financier — with a bit of guidance from an Athenian gallerist, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Bill Georgoussis

Collecting emerging street art

A young London collector is assembling a cache of punchy street art with the help of a second-generation gallerist, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Rick Pushinsky

A cool collection of classic cars

A dealer’s dedication to going the extra mile has helped a vintage car lover create a varied fleet with one thing in common: they can be driven on a near-daily basis Simon de Burton reports. Portrait by Sam Pelly

A soulful collection of Italian design

A Beirut-based property developer and a cult Milanese gallerist are building a multifaceted collection of modernist design with soul. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Valentina Sommariva

A thought-provoking collection of German art

A Hong Kong financier’s personal passion for German art was ignited through the cultural patronage of his bank – and a plucky London gallerist. Emma Crichton-Miller reports. Portrait by Inga Beckmann

A captivating collection of Scottish art

A venture capitalist’s restored mansion has been enlivened by an art adviser’s eye for vibrant depictions of local landscapes, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Robert Ormerod
Women's Jewellery

A rare vintage jewellery collection

A chance encounter with a long-lost acquaintance-turned-dealer became the making of an Italian financier’s seminal jewellery collection for his wife, says Vivienne Becker. Portrait by Nicholas Calcott