Finders Keepers


A cool collection of classic cars

A dealer’s dedication to going the extra mile has helped a vintage car lover create a varied fleet with one thing in common: they can be driven on a near-daily basis Simon de Burton reports. Portrait by Sam Pelly

A soulful collection of Italian design

A Beirut-based property developer and a cult Milanese gallerist are building a multifaceted collection of modernist design with soul. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Valentina Sommariva

A thought-provoking collection of German art

A Hong Kong financier’s personal passion for German art was ignited through the cultural patronage of his bank – and a plucky London gallerist. Emma Crichton-Miller reports. Portrait by Inga Beckmann

An inspirational collection of architect-designed furniture

The purchase of a cult Prouvé house proved pivotal to a property developer’s collection of midcentury modern design, which was built on years of passionate conversation with a gallerist friend. Kasia Maciejowska reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi

A captivating collection of Scottish art

A venture capitalist’s restored mansion has been enlivened by an art adviser’s eye for vibrant depictions of local landscapes, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Robert Ormerod
Women's Jewellery

A rare vintage jewellery collection

A chance encounter with a long-lost acquaintance-turned-dealer became the making of an Italian financier’s seminal jewellery collection for his wife, says Vivienne Becker. Portrait by Nicholas Calcott

A mind-bending collection of contemporary abstract art

It was kismet when a Swiss entrepreneur, fascinated by works that play with geometry and optical illusions, found a kindred spirit to help build his private collection, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Daniel Robert Hunziker

Collecting rare American bourbon

Tasting shindigs and the spirit of Prohibition make collecting this “great democratiser” an authentic American experience for a whiskey lover and his co-curator, says Alice Lascelles

Exquisitely crafted contemporary woodwork

With the help of a sought-after London gallerist, this venture capitalist has filled his home with an exquisite collection of wooden sculpture, says Kasia Maciejowska. Portrait by Andy Sewell

An inspirational collection of abstract art

A renowned French curator is adding depth and diversity to a couple’s already remarkable collection of contemporary paintings and sculptures, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Photographs by Fabio Massimo Aceto

A stunning collection of rare modern prints

The shared passion of a London-based entrepreneur and leading art dealer has created a stunning collection of rare modern prints, says Emma Crichton-Miller. Portrait by Matt Munro