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How to wear your Creed fragrance

Learn how to wear your Creed fragrance with perfume expert at Les Senteurs, James Craven

The Creed Boutique, 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, is the perfect destination for a fragrance consultation
The Creed Boutique, 99 Mount Street, Mayfair, is the perfect destination for a fragrance consultation

1. Perfume preliminaries

Every one of us has a different sense of smell, a different set of receptors in our noses and brains.

Every one of us has a different and unique personal odour and interprets the redolence of perfume in a different way.

Gender, age, health, diet, skin colour, skin type will all affect our sense of smell and how scent will react on our person.

Perfume may smell quite differently at different times of the day, week, season and year. Air pressure, stress, depression, sickness, location, hormones, weather all change the scent – and our perception of the scent.

It is never wise to choose a fragrance when agitated or stressed. When extremely stressed we may lose our sense of smell completely for short periods or find it is distorted.

All experiences of perfume will differ from person to person.

The Creed Boutique, lower ground floor
The Creed Boutique, lower ground floor

2. Where to apply

Spraying on or near pulse points will cause the perfume to radiate more strongly from the extra blood heat in those areas of the body.

However, you can also spray it behind the ear, on the neck, at the throat, in the hair, on wrists, ankles, behind the knee and on the hem of your skirt.

3. Your perfume application: the basics

Spray your chest, throat and back after your shower and before you dress. Your dress, shirt, jacket, coat and so on will inhibit evaporation thus prolonging and intensifying the effect of the fragrance.

Spray perfume on clean hair for great tenacity and diffusion.

Take a tip from your great-grandparents and spray your handkerchief (a crisp, clean one, naturally) or scarf (natural fibres work best) with scent.


4. Layering and pulse points

I recommend using Creed’s extensive bath and shower range to layer your favourite fragrance and so intensify the Creed experience. Creed has shower gels, body lotions, body oils, deodorant and soaps.

The great thing about layering is that it really pays dividends in promoting the tenacity, projection and sillage of a fragrance.

The dedicated devotee of layering will build up a highly complex aura of fragrance surrounding their person. The fragrance is always essentially the same but each product will emanate a different version of it, will highlight or spotlight a different aspect, a different mood: an analogy would be hearing many different covers of the same song or the same melody played by different instruments.

5. Fragrance combining

The Ancient Greeks (said to have invented perfume in its liquid form) loved to perfume each part of the body with a different scent. Today many perfume lovers adopt the practice and achieve very striking and effective results.

Apply the heavier scent first – let it dry – and then spray the lighter one on top.


Begin your experiments with your existing collection; it does take a certain skill but can be rewarding – and, of course, if it works, you end up with a unique scent particular to you.

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