Cruises & Boating

The boats taking river cruising to a new level

From rock climbing on the Rhine to reviving Gabriel García Márquez’s Colombian-jungle journeys, the river cruise paradigm is being turned on its head. Maria Shollenbarger reports on the boats, itineraries and fixers taking it to the next level

Joining an explorer-led adventure to deliver aid along the Amazon

Legendary soldier-turned-explorer John Blashford-Snell is famed for making the first descent of the Blue Nile and crossing the treacherous Darien Gap. Now Anna Nicholas joins him and a team of volunteers on a humanitarian expedition to deliver medical aid to a remote tribe in the Colombian Amazonas

Exploring from Colombia to Panama

Travelling from Colombia to Panama with a top adventure-travel outfitter, James Henderson recces a new itinerary. Photographs by Richard Dunwoody