Clare Naylor


Vanity boutique

When a husband asks his wife to stock his favourite dirndls in her eclectic new shop, they attract an unexpected clientele…

The Start-Up

From their Shoreditch über-office, four successful apprepreneurs strive to keep it real – but how close to their roots dare they go?
Interior Design

The Library

Will a neglected husband’s novel attempt to win back the affections of his bibliophile wife lead to a happy ending?

The glorious twelfth

Will a glamorous banker find love amid the heather at an exclusive shooting party – or is she destined to draw a blank?

The magazine intern

When Flora’s choice of footwear jeopardises her job prospects, her inner designer kicks in – leaving the boot on the other foot…

The insta-cation

Could choosing a #dreamholiday based on impressing her followers be an ego trip too far for a compulsive photo-sharer?

Gardening leave

Seeds planted by a hardened executive during three months’ enforced holiday are not what his family was expecting…

The gastropub

After a royal pops in for a pint, a London local embarks upon an ambitious upgrade – but will the result be fit for a prince?

The Gwynabee

A mother’s copycat organic aspirations are somewhat tested during her daughter’s gluten-free party…

The cross-gen party

A party girl piggybacks her bash onto her uncle’s 70th and finds a Gangnam Style dance-off is the least of her worries...

The writer’s hut

A budding author retreats to his shed to pen his bestseller, only to find sentence construction eclipsed by grander designs…

The pushy parent

It will take more than a restraining order from an Oscar winner to stop one mum scheming her way into the “right school”

The BlackBerry widow

Searching for amore on an Italian sojourn, a neglected wife rings the changes with her phone-obsessed husband...

The nostalgic father

Subbuteo, onesies, whiffs of nit shampoo… whatever happened to the days of badger-watching and winceyette, wonders Simon

The rehab romance

Guitar-led psychobabble proves an unlikely aphrodisiac at a US “ranch” – will it shatter the newfound equilibrium?