Clare Naylor


The wardrobe declutter

Faced with pile upon pile of grey jumpers and black trousers – all so elegantly restrained and yet so mirthless – Juliet wondered when she’d forgotten about fun. By Clare Naylor

The Fiction: The Chanel cape

In the hungover aftermath of a country-house party, Tess steals a moment of romance – and a touch of her glamorous host’s soul – on a twilit walk in the woods. By Clare Naylor

Wry Society: The fashion show

When rivalrous boutique owners vie for control of a charity fundraiser, how low will they go to steal the show? Words by Clare Naylor. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The gut guru

Le tout Kensington is abuzz with talk of a holistic healer to beat all holistic healers – in a Portakabin in Colliers Wood; but what exactly is the source of his spiritual powers?

Wry Society: The art philanthropist

A daughter’s insatiable appetite for wildly avant-garde works of art gives a wily father the perfect excuse to make moral and monetary capital

Wry Society: The book launch

When a 1960s It girl shamelessly embellishes her brush with a rock god in her memoirs, she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for

The nostalgic father

Subbuteo, onesies, whiffs of nit shampoo… whatever happened to the days of badger-watching and winceyette, wonders Simon

The rehab romance

Guitar-led psychobabble proves an unlikely aphrodisiac at a US “ranch” – will it shatter the newfound equilibrium?

Vanity boutique

When a husband asks his wife to stock his favourite dirndls in her eclectic new shop, they attract an unexpected clientele…

The Start-Up

From their Shoreditch über-office, four successful apprepreneurs strive to keep it real – but how close to their roots dare they go?

The glorious twelfth

Will a glamorous banker find love amid the heather at an exclusive shooting party – or is she destined to draw a blank?

The insta-cation

Could choosing a #dreamholiday based on impressing her followers be an ego trip too far for a compulsive photo-sharer?