Claire Wrathall


French art deco furniture

A flea market eye for a find, a “love at first sight” passion and a maverick spirit give these two leaders of their field a collecting edge, says Claire Wrathall. Portrait by Pal Hansen

New private art museums

Contemporary art lovers in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are choosing to share their significant collections by opening galleries in cities where theirs is often the only one

Artist furniture

A private equity CEO and a Paris gallerist may be “comme chiens et chats”, but when it comes to mobilier d’artiste they’re hand in hand, says Claire Wrathall. Portrait by Léa Crespi

Contemporary sculpture

From an Anish Kapoor “coupe” to a surrealist sheep, the collection created by a chief financial officer and his art advisor is about to get bigger and bolder with the arrival of a new sculpture park near St Tropez. Claire Wrathall reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi
Performing Arts

Classical music philanthropy

Meticulously researched recordings of long-forgotten musical masterpieces are delighting connoisseurs of bel canto, thanks to cultural foundations and innovative crowdfunding. Claire Wrathall reports
Home Accessories

Marine fossils

With Jurassic gusto, prehistoric fish and flora are making waves in chic interiors, from lakeside villas to sleek yachts, says Claire Wrathall

Portrait miniatures

Unearthing the stories behind these keepsakes has nurtured a firm friendship between an avid collector and his advisor, says Claire Wrathall. Photographs by Jude Edginton
Performing Arts

Stringed instruments

Behind one of the world’s greatest violin collections is a duo with a zeal for harmonising philanthropy with sound investment. Claire Wrathall reports


Fervour for ancient art and artefacts – and an eye for undervalued treasures – has given rise to an eclectic private museum, says Claire Wrathall

A passion for porcelain

Contemporary studio pottery is juxtaposed with fine Sèvres porcelain in an exquisite collection shaped by a chief investment officer and a London gallerist. Claire Wrathall reports. Photographs by Shamil Tanna

Leif Ove Andsnes’ Bergen

The award-winning Norwegian pianist is a leading interpreter of Grieg. The latest recording of his Beethoven Journey musical tour was iTunes’ Best Instrumental Album of 2012

Contemporary photography

Rebuilding a personal portfolio of cutting-edge photography has been a five-year voyage of discovery for this collecting duo. Claire Wrathall reports. Portrait by Jude Edginton