Chloe Fox


Wry Society: The fanny-pack

Why must the world mock Matthew’s guilty fashion secret? It’s always saving the day – and could even save his neck… Words by Chloe Fox. Illustration by Phil Disley
Gourmet Food

Wry Society: The new alpha male

On a series of self-discovery courses to help him man up, Giles had heard the call of the wild, but how primal would he go? Words by Chloe Fox. Illustration by Phil Disley

Wry Society: The double New Year’s Eve

Claudia had pretended to her new boyfriend it was her favourite night… but his idea of celebrating twice – first in Sydney then in Maui – could have her wishing his bold acquaintance be forgot…

Wry Society: The executive assistant

When an overworked, undervalued and ever so slightly at the end of her tether executive PA decides her Christmas bonus is long overdue, what the Dickens ensues?

Wry Society: The football match

It’s never too late to rekindle a passion for beautiful game, thinks fortysomething screenwriter Alex, especially if your teammates are masters of the universe and there’s business to be done

Wry Society: The Ibiza trip

Four days on the White Isle will sort out square boy Jeremy’s midlife crisis, thinks his old friend Pete – miscalculating quite how “sorted” things could become

Wry Society: The royal photographer

Hector’s work, once snapped up by the high and mighty, has been nothing but negatives since the digital revolution. But will a new royal wedding propel him back into the limelight?

Wry Society: The immersive party

Stella wanted to transport her husband – and their 300 top friends – into a jaw-dropping alternative reality for his 50th birthday. But was the Blade Runner theme the best choice?