Charlotte Abrahams


American furniture design

An influx of American designer-makers to the UK is opening up a new body of statement-making lighting and furniture for an international clientele. Charlotte Abrahams reports
Personal Luxuries

Art-deco ice buckets

With their sleek lines and glamorous history, these elegant bar accessories are both au courant and rising in value, says Charlotte Abrahams

Nikki Tibbles’ London

The founder of Wild at Heart, the favourite florist of the fashion and media crowd, creates strikingly original arrangements, from opulent single bouquets to glorious Christmas trees
Home Accessories

Fairground memorabilia

Roll up, roll up – quirky, nostalgic rides and signs from the golden age of the travelling fair are gaining in art world clout, says Charlotte Abrahams

Deyan Sudjic’s London

The founding editor of Blueprint has been director of London’s Design Museum since 2006. The museum’s exhibition Women, Fashion, Power opened on October 29