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Ultra-luxurious residences add to Hong Kong’s investment appeal

Some cities have a special energy, a certain spark. Then there is Hong Kong. One of the most dynamic and densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong is a global metropolis where domestic space and privacy not only come at a premium, but where real estate has repeatedly proved itself to be a rewarding and sustainable investment

The tantalising tastes of Taipei

Its gastronomic profile skyrocketed when Team Michelin came to town – and dispensed an impressive 24 stars. Bill Knott hops on a long-haul to Taipei for a deep-dive into the glories of street stalls and sleek dining rooms alike across Asia’s new food capital

Where safari meets surf in Sri Lanka

Betwixt dense palm jungle and pounding ocean surf, Charlotte Sinclair finds southern Sri Lanka’s singing out – and gets a first look at a remarkable tented camp, complete with leopard prints on the beach

New private art museums

Contemporary art lovers in Asia, the Middle East and Latin America are choosing to share their significant collections by opening galleries in cities where theirs is often the only one

A long weekend in… Siem Reap

For years merely the gateway to Angkor, Cambodia’s sleepy cultural village has morphed into a lively nexus of style and originality, says Maria Shollenbarger