Last chance to bid for rare and powerful images

Portraits of Picasso, Obama, Monroe and others are auctioned for charity

Image: Steve McCurry/Magnum

Yosemite blanketed by the wintry glint of the Milky Way; ElizabethTaylor on the set of the 1956 film Giant, twirling a lasso withbewitchingly sexual nonchalance; Mohammed Ali versus The Beatles; asublimely seductive Joan Collins in 1955 as she reclines on a bed and cradles aminiature pink poodle. These are just four of the photographs being auctioned onTuesday January 29 in New York as part of the FT’s seasonalappeal.

Image: Frank Worth Estate/courtesy of

This year, the FT’s appeal is in aid of TheGlobal Fund for Children, which supports local initiatives forvulnerable children in many of the poorest countries. Up for sale on its behalf, in association withChristie’s New York, are 17 striking images by some ofthe world’s best photographers, including SlimAarons (specialist in society), Frank Worth (Hollywood), Steve McCurry (photojournalism) and Chris Smith (sport).


Many of the prints are rare examples from highly desirable limitededitions, such as Nadav Kander’s signed silvery-glowing portrait in profile ofBarack Obama ($4,800-$8,000, edition two of five). Some – as in the case of Jane Fonda’s Barbarella costumefitting, photographed by David Hurn in 1967 ($1,200-$2,000) – are from an archival edition,while Robert Capa’s shot of Pablo Picasso playing on the beach with his son Claudein 1948 ($2,400-$4,000) is one of a very limited group of collectors’ prints created in the 1980s.

Image: Slim Aarons/Getty Images

It’s an extraordinary collection of images: some amusing or moving,others powerful or profound. The work of The Global Fund for Children issimilarly extraordinary. Dig deep.

Image: Robert Capa/International Center of Photography/Magnum

Image: Wally Pacholka/

First picture: Lot 15. Boy in Mid-Flight, Jodhpur, India by Steve McCurry (2007). 16in x 20in signed C-print on Fuji crystal archival print, mounted and framed. Estimate: $4,000-$8,000.


Second picture: Lot 6. Elizabeth Taylor by Frank Worth. 11in x 14in archival pigment print, estate stamped, edition one of 245, mounted and framed. Estimate: $1,100-$1,400.

Third picture: Lot 10. Joan Collins by Slim Aarons (1955). 20in x 24in lambda print, estate stamped, edition eight of 150, mounted and framed. Estimate: $1,300-$2,000.

Fourth picture: Lot 11. Pablo Picasso and his son Claude at the Beach by Robert Capa (1948). 12.5in x 18.8in gelatin silver print, open edition, one of a very limited (but unnumbered) group of collectors prints that Cornell Capa had printed in the 1980s for the estate of his brother, mounted and framed. Estimate: $2,400-$4,000.

Fifth picture: Lot 4. Yosemite Wintery Night by Wally Pacholka (2012). 24in x 36in printed on canvas, signed, edition one of 250, mounted and framed. Estimate: $1,280-$1,920.