An online bazaar of artisanal African offerings

Norwegian company Voss turns to the web for African clean-water projects

Norwegian water brand Voss is firmly established in the upper echelons of the bottled-water market – but its charitable foundation is also a success, with over 36 safe-water access points in sub-Saharan Africa, aiding more than 100,000 people. Until now, Voss has used high-profile events, such as last year’s art auction with Sotheby’s at Oslo’s Kistefos Museum (which raised $750,000 for the cause), to generate funds. This season sees a new initiative – the online African Bazaar, an emporium of curated gifts (from $20) with 100 per cent of proceeds directly supporting Voss’s clean-water projects.


All the pieces – from chunky handmade bowls to intricately beaded necklaces – are sourced from artisans in the communities where the foundation operates. “We believe it will fuel financial empowerment in the regions where we work,” says the foundation’s executive director Kara Gerson.