Daata Editions: an online gallery for digital art

A pioneering gallery dedicated to video, sound and web art

Digital pieces may have found a home in some of the art world’s most heavyweight institutions, but many collectors still need convincing. Such is the mission of Daata Editions, an online gallery dedicated to video, sound and web art.

The site launched during Frieze New York in May, initially with 18 artists each commissioned to create six new works (all in editions of 20, 15 of which are available online). Some artists are more emerging than others, says director David Gryn, who has over 20 years’ experience in moving images (including as Art Basel Miami Beach’s film curator). Names such as Ed Fornieles and Hannah Perry will be familiar to many art lovers – the former has had solo shows at the Serpentine and Chisenhale Gallery, and the latter is fresh from exhibiting at the ICA. Fornieles’ Climbing ($600, second picture), Falling ($800) and Bathing ($1,000) videos feature a signature animated fox in the throes of a static world, while Perry’s sound and footage mash-ups (priced from $300 to $800, Aahhhhh first picture) incorporate her range of talents as an installation, print and performance artist.


Matt Copson is a recent graduate whose alluringly named sound clips – Booty Call ($300), Anarchist ($400, third picture) and Inherited Deficit ($400) – follow a series of helpline calls, their conversations flipping between menacing and tongue-in-cheek. Meanwhile Leo Gabin – the trio of artists Lieven Deconinck, Gaëtan Begerem and Robin De Vooght – presents both video ($600-$1,200) and sound ($400-$500) works on the site, the mix of amateur clips with American youth culture chiming with today’s YouTube devotees.

The site itself has an über-modern feel, with its zippy navigation and block-art aesthetic. Designed by Studio Scasascia, which also created Damien Hirst’s Other Criteria online shop, the site is more akin to a contemporary art gallery than a pure e-commerce site. Links to the sales history of each artist’s works, which editions have been bought and for how much, add an impressive depth.


A second batch of creators is currently being commissioned, with works debuting in June 2016. Gryn notes that more than 300 works have been acquired since Daata Editions launched, and that the intended audience is receptive. “We want to work with a new collector base that has grown up with the language of the internet; those who do everything online no differently than they do offline. To them it’s an obvious and normal process.”

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