Picasso boutique opens in Paris

A chic cache of artist editions inspired by the Spaniard

As lines for Picasso.Mania, the blockbuster exhibition at the Grand Palais, become longer every day, a chic new boutique dedicated to the artist opens in the Marais district, opposite the recently renovated Musée National Picasso.

Formerly a private residence and art gallery located in a pretty garden setting, the design (fourth and sixth pictures), by Studio Jean-François Bodin, echoes Picasso’s studios in Cannes and Vallauris, where all was disorder but the maître knew exactly where to find everything.


The concept aims to use contemporary works of art, objects and sculptures to demonstrate Picasso’s influence on today’s art scene. Exclusive pieces include those by Réunion des Musées Nationaux artisans, as well as by specially invited artists and creators. “We are paying homage to the genius of Picasso,” says museum president Laurent Le Bon. Looking to Guillaume Delvigne’s handpainted porcelain series of four side plates (€495) and nine dinner plates (€380, fifth picture) for Editions Marc de Ladoucette, Delvigne explains: “I wanted to give a new interpretation of the drawing The Horse Trainer, so decided to fragment it and create many perspectives demonstrating Picasso’s genius. One can feel the strength of the line in black and white, an inimitable line.”

Similarly, sculptor and calligrapher Valentine Herrenschmidt was dazzled by the painter’s words so, in collaboration with Olivier Widmaier Picasso (Picasso’s grandson), she uses a freehand technique to sculpt various metals in wire, framed in beechwood, to create three-dimensional calligraphic works (€350, limited edition of 50) reproducing Picasso’s phrases, poetry and quotations. Particularly striking are those saying “Je ne cherche pas, je trouve” (“I do not look, I find”) or “Je mets dans mes tableaux tout ce que j’aime” (“I put everything I like into my paintings”, second picture).

Image: Yann Audino

Recalling Picasso’s Doves of Peace, Boris Klimek’s recycled glass mobiles, Suspension Night Birds (from €690, first picture), represent love and light, while Christian Lacroix’s one-off series of seven colourful pots and plates (from €1,700, example third picture) were hand-painted by the designer at Pôterie Ravel, Aubagne, in the south of France.

Other works include signature oval mirrors by Sarah Lavoine (from €195), Rosaria Rattin’s black and white vases (from €347) for Kose, Eloïse Fiorentino’s earrings (€73) and matching necklace (€157), and Congolese artist Kwele Pipibudze’s African Mask (€1,470). In a quiet corner is a rocking chair (€890) similar to the one in which Picasso was often photographed.

Image: Yann Audino

Beautiful Picasso-related books (at present only in French) round out the offerings of the airy three-room space, alongside signature Saint-James blue-stripe Breton T-shirts (€80) and a cutting-edge space for wannabe artists of all ages, including colouring books, paints, stencils and pencils.


For Picasso aficionados, this intriguing library/boutique/concept store looks like the perfect answer to many a Christmas wish list.

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