Whole World Water unites with leading hotels

Hotels and spas around the world aim to raise $1bn for safe water projects

One Drop/WFP Project in Sheohar, India
One Drop/WFP Project in Sheohar, India | Image: Terry Hughes

As peak holiday season approaches, consider bookmarking Whole World Water, a global campaign working to unite the tourism and hospitality industries in a bid to raise $1bn within a decade for clean and safe water projects.

The model encourages hotels, resorts, spas and restaurants to filter, bottle and sell their own tap water and contribute 10 per cent of the proceeds to the Whole World Water Fund, which since its launch in 2013 has financed 12 projects in Cambodia, Uganda, Kenya, India (project in Sheohar pictured) and Madagascar.


It is estimated that over 700m people worldwide are without access to clean and safe water and supporters of the eco-efficiency campaign include the Fairmont, Yoo, Soneva and Virgin hotel groups and Tao Restaurant Group. “Hospitality and tourism is a multitrillion-dollar industry and we think raising $1bn is an achievable goal,” says co-founder Karena Albers.

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