Homewares brand Mexchic launches new foundation

Mexchic Misiones will provide support for marginalised local artisans

Mexchic – an e-store of luxe Mexican throws, rugs and small home accessories that provides employment for 30 marginalised artisans – is ramping up its philanthropic efforts this year with the launch of the charitable foundation Mexchic Misiones.

“Our first project is to take a number of wooden pedal looms to a remote community in Nayarit in western Mexico,” explains Mexchic’s founder Christina Hattler. “We’ll also provide training from a third-generation master weaver for anyone willing to learn.”


The foundation, funded by profits from Mexchic product sales, will focus on improving Mexican artisans’ access to quality materials (Hattler plans to introduce silk and cashmere goat farming to communities later this year), teaching weaving and embroidery skills, and establishing networks to link the artisans to international designers.


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