A candle that smells good – and does good, too

You can light up more than your own life with this scented candle

Maggie’s Cancer Caring Centres have been providing support to people who live with, through and beyond cancer for years, and have just released a special-edition scented candle to mark their 15th anniversary. The calming candle has been made by Arran Aromatics – an independent, family-run company from the small island off the west coast of Scotland – known for its use of the finest natural ingredients. The candle’s fragrance – selected by the president of Maggie’s, the Duchess of Cornwall (or the Duchess of Rothesay as she is properly known in Scotland) – contains floral top notes of violet, jasmine and rose, with a delicate hint of lemon, underpinned by warm honey, sandalwood and geranium, all of which not only smells delicious but also aims to reduce stress, promote relaxation and clear the head.


All the materials used in the packaging are recyclable and the ingredients in the candle itself come from sustainable sources – yet more reasons it will help you unwind, peaceful in the knowledge that you’re caring both for the environment and an excellent cause: 50 per cent of the proceeds go to Maggie’s.