An online repository of the rare, the quirky, and the extravagant

It’s more like an art gallery than a big retail website

When Jolyon Fenwick launched in April 2007, it was an instant hit, tapping into the Zeitgeist for bespoke. Back then, showcased 20 exclusively-made designer pieces, ranging from motorbikes to backgammon boards.

The site has since expanded hugely, but, says Fenwick, “We’re still more Cork Street gallery than a big retail site. Everything on the site remains unique or is a limited edition that you cannot find anywhere else.”


So if you want to give a present that you can almost guarantee no one else will have bought (let alone thought of), head for It is a well-ordered site with clear categories for gifts as well as homeware, fashion, furniture and artwork – it specialises in rare photographs.


Fenwick aims to provide really quirky items alongside more commercial ones, so that as well as jewellery, scarves and bags for women there are also outrageously decadent luxuries such as a silver tea and coffee tower set (tea- and coffee-pots, milk jug and sugar bowl) designed by Zaha Hadid for Alessi (£20,500). For men there is a one-off David Linley 100-cigar humidor in sycamore, built in the shape of the famous Partagas factory in Cuba (second picture, £31,800) or a white ash and ebony snooker cue with silver inlay (£3,030). For both there are Royal Crown Derby pet bowls by Peter Ting (£1,230) and Spada skis (made with Grisons granite – yes, real stone) by Zai (£3,900). Very popular is a children’s car by Nika Zupanc (first picture, £1,657). You can even arrange to have a series of gifts designed and made for you.

When I first looked at 20ltd four years ago, I spotted a cashmere-lined, long-haired fox-fur double hammock by Bless for Commissaires that summed up all that was deliciously extravagant about the site. I am delighted to say that it is still available (£9,200).