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A new scheme for children to take part in philanthropic tourism

Image: Artisans of Leisure

Luxury travel company Artisans of Leisure has offered philanthropic activities as part of its tours since 2003, from working at a women’s centre in Tanzania, to visiting a landmine clearance operation in Cambodia and donating to the Halo Trust to support its de-mining work.


Now it has launched a new initiative called Kids Helping Kids. “Many clients were travelling with children and asking us to incorporate activities for them into the trip,” says Artisans of Leisure founder Ashley Isaacs Ganz.


New activities for 2014 include visiting a school for disadvantaged children in Cambodia (pictured) to learn about the classes it provides, perhaps sponsoring the education of one of its pupils, or spending a day at a village in Sri Lanka to see how the people live. “It’s a fantastic way for kids to have meaningful experiences while they are travelling, which can often lead to them having a greater understanding of the world,” says Isaacs Ganz.

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