Fine artworks that tell the story of a house

An elegant, historical portrait of the family home

Learning about your family tree has become a fashionable passion, but having a historical portrait of your family home can be equally intriguing. Archistory is a recently established company that does the spadework for you.

Launched in 2009, the firm specialises in bespoke architectural drawings. These fine-lined works of art tell the story of a house, either simply as a graphic illustration or accompanied by a short history explaining why the house was built, who lived there and how the inhabitants were affected by world events. Recent commissions have ranged from contemporary town houses and Georgian terraces (second picture) to stately homes and Scottish castles (first picture).


Archistory founder Ben Taggart began his career working for one of the world’s leading model studios, where he helped create a miniature of Highgrove for the Prince of Wales. The same minute attention to detail is applied to the Archistory drawings, and Taggart visits every property to take precise measurements. (His business partner, Paul Murray, carries out the historical research.)


A trained graphic designer and graduate of Central St Martins, Taggart is convinced of the need to match architectural style and visual presentation. “In just a glance you can say, ‘This is a Victorian building’ or ‘This poster was designed in the 1920s.’ The two elements work together to create a strong sense of period.”

The finished drawings are elegantly mounted and framed. Full house drawings start from £975, while details (ideal for letterheads or logos) are available from £300.