A ground-breaking art auction for human rights

The New York sale and exhibition of the work of Iranian women artists will support the work of US non-profit Center for Human Rights in Iran

Poets in Heaven by Afsoon, 2014-2015
Poets in Heaven by Afsoon, 2014-2015 | Image: Courtesy Center for Human Rights in Iran

Next month, High Line Nine gallery in New York will host an exhibition of works by established and emerging Iranian women artists curated by the acclaimed photographer and filmmaker Shirin Neshat. Featuring painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video, A Bridge Between You and Everything will, says Neshat, showcase “the abundance and exceptional talent of women Iranian artists”, whose work addresses the aftermath of Iran’s 1979 revolution and explores themes of repression, gender, religion and immigration.


An auction of the works will be held on November 6 to raise funds for the US non-profit Center for Human Rights in Iran, with 75 per cent of the proceeds from each artist’s first sale, and 50 per cent from all subsequent sales, invested in the Center’s programme to support arts and culture and people with disabilities in the country. The exhibition runs from November 7 to 24.


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