Beautiful bathtubs bubbling with goodwill

The showstopping canoe-inspired wooden bathtubs at Estancia Vik are now available to commission

Soaking tub at Estancia Vik
Soaking tub at Estancia Vik | Image: COURTESY: Vik Retreats

Norwegian-born Alexander Vik has a portfolio that takes in software, high-end resorts, property developments and wines and spirits. He’s also a patron of avant-garde art and design, not the least of his achievements being the creation, with his wife Carrie, of the extraordinarily covetable boat-shaped beechwood bathtubs found in the suites of his hotels in Uruguay and Chile. The tubs have proved such a hit with guests, they are now available to commission from $12,800, with 25 per cent of profits going to the Vik Foundation, an organisation dedicated to advancing children’s education in Uruguay. The story goes that Vik challenged the local artisans who make canoes for his Estancia Vik resort to create something that was as good at keeping water in as their canoes were at keeping water out.


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