Art Deco


French art deco furniture

A flea market eye for a find, a “love at first sight” passion and a maverick spirit give these two leaders of their field a collecting edge, says Claire Wrathall. Portrait by Pal Hansen

Vintage drinks trolleys

Glamorous interwar and midcentury pieces are catching the eye of cocktail enthusiasts looking to entertain with a flourish
Women's Jewellery

An audience with Graff CEO Laurence Graff

Early next year, Graff will open a store on Paris’s Place Vendôme, signalling its position as a heritage brand of the future. Vivienne Becker has an audience with the softly spoken, quick-witted Laurence Graff. Portraits by David Ellis
Women's Watches

Wish-list jewellery watches

The jewellery watch is the apogee of all the attention lavished by watchmakers on the fast‑growing women’s market. Little wonder it is topping Christmas wish lists, says Vivienne Becker

Tasmania’s new openings

Two extraordinary escapes are coming to the fore in off-the-beaten-track corners of Tasmania. Could they be Australia’s best-kept secrets, asks Jack Dyson
Interior Design

Collecting elevator gates

These architectural curios are on the up in statement interiors, says Ruth Caven, used not just as lift doors, but also as coffee tables, garden features or art

GamFratesi design

An unusual fusion of Nordic rigour and Italian panache is bringing GamFratesi’s minimal yet warm, refined yet luxurious furniture designs to the fore across Europe. Opposites certainly do attract, finds Jenny Dalton. Portrait by Sebastian Boettcher