Anish Kapoor

Wine & Champagne

The vineyards with art at their heart

At wineries from Sonora to Oxfordshire, site-specific installations by renowned artists are enticing visitors beyond tours and tastings to a profound engagement with the landscape. Emma Crichton-Miller reports
Home Accessories

Bespoke tableware

Many of the world’s most creative chefs commission customised tableware for their award-winning restaurants. Now, diners can order the same designs for their own homes, says Mark C O’Flaherty
Property & Architecture

Homes for art collections

Extraordinary art museums of the past few decades have raised the bar for art lovers (and their architects) looking to create homes that best showcase their collections. Emma Crichton-Miller reports

Castello di Ama

Chianti’s Castello di Ama side-steps coffee-table-book clichés in favour of the real Tuscany. Lee Marshall savours its elegantly eclectic spirit as its owners open up rooms in the 18th-century villas for paying guests

Contemporary sculpture

From an Anish Kapoor “coupe” to a surrealist sheep, the collection created by a chief financial officer and his art advisor is about to get bigger and bolder with the arrival of a new sculpture park near St Tropez. Claire Wrathall reports. Portrait by Léa Crespi