Spas for the soul

Laughter therapy? Shaman healing? Singing bowl rituals? Find your flow at the new wave of holistically upgraded hotels. By Charlotte Sinclair

Glorious beach hotels in the Dominican Republic

High-profile investors, a pristine stretch of tropical beach and two very different hotels: something seductive is happening on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. Maria Shollenbarger investigates – and gets a first look at Aman’s newest resort

A long weekend in… Siem Reap

For years merely the gateway to Angkor, Cambodia’s sleepy cultural village has morphed into a lively nexus of style and originality, says Maria Shollenbarger
Property & Architecture

New property in Marrakech

Marrakech has long attracted the great and the glamorous for sunny sojourns, but some are now choosing to put down more permanent roots, as hotel-and-residences models blossom around the city, creating the best of both worlds. Gordon Miller reports

Latest arrivals on the Philippine resort scene

Pristine, Unesco-protected coral reefs, aquamarine seas, luxurious jungled-island retreats that coddle and pamper… and now within easy reach, says Lucia van der Post, thanks to non-stop international flights and a new seaplane service