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A secret source of ‘go anywhere’ jewellery

Charming, versatile jewellery at friendly prices

A secret source of ‘go anywhere’ jewellery

January 18 2010
Lucia van der Post

Grand parures made up of stunning stones are fantastic in their way, but most of us don’t have too many occasions to flash them about. “Go anywhere” jewellery is what most of us are really looking for: earrings that will transform the austere grey flannel dress; bracelets or cuffs, pendants or necklaces that add a dash to the simple black shift. In other words, pieces that are ravishingly pretty but not so startling that we can’t wear them fairly often.

This is the sort of jewellery that Elizabeth de Chambrun, a newish name on the jewellery circuit, provides. She takes semi-precious stones, cuts them in interesting ways, often giving them a multi-faceted concave cut which adds depth and interest, and sets them in 22ct yellow gold.

She has long been fascinated by India and its rich craft traditions and so she works exclusively with an atelier in Jaipur. She uses moonstones, amethysts, tourmalines and all sorts of other semi-precious stones (and precious ones to order), sourced from around the world and brought to India where she has the pieces hand-cut and made in Jaipur. The results are charming, wonderfully wearable pieces at prices that, while not low, seem relatively friendly for what they offer.

Take, for instance, some gorgeous drop earrings made from rose and green quartz set in yellow gold – for £1,650 they would add a great deal of glamour to any outfit. Her long fine gold Cintemani chain interspersed with beautiful turquoise blue apatite stones from Brazil could be worn night and day, although at £3,450 it comes in at the more expensive end of her collection.

She has another equally delicious long chain of gold, what she calls the Hot Flamingo necklace (pictured), which is set with a few lozenge-shaped pink tourmalines and comes in at £3,160. So far her pieces have only been on show in Gstaad and in Paris, but now they can be bought at The Cinnamon Club, The Cinnamon Kitchen, and at the cult jewellery shop Felt in London, though already other retailers are beginning to take an interest in her work. For the moment, though, she’s still a bit of a secret.