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These watches are classy, elegant – and inexpensive

Elegant watches from Cobra & Bellamy

These watches are classy, elegant – and inexpensive

Image: Cobra & Bellamy

January 11 2010
Lucia van der Post

There’s a place for the inexpensive watch in every wardrobe. Something we don’t have to worry about, that we can wear when travelling without thinking about what it says about us. You could go for a Swatch; or, if your tastes run more to the classic, you could take a look at Cobra & Bellamy’s little range of classy-looking numbers that mostly cost around £100. So not dead cheap, but fantastic value for money.

Cobra & Bellamy closed its Sloane Street shop a year ago, but it sells its slightly vintage-looking inexpensive watches online. I like its oblong Cobra design (pictured) best; prices start at £99, but plated in rose gold it is £115, while its square Classic is £145.

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