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Jewellery for the woman who doesn’t do jewellery

Simple, stylish designs that give a tingle of pleasure

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Jewellery for the woman who doesn’t do jewellery

November 25 2011
Katrina Burroughs

I don’t much like jewellery. Or, more precisely, I don’t like much jewellery. I can’t believe that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, I hate the design hysteria of jangly, dangly earrings and I know that the wearing of fussy, breakable necklaces will always end in tears. In general, any ornament that I have to take off for sport annoys me. But when Santa delivered this bracelet last year, it was an instant hit.

By Italian goldsmith Isabella Cerulli, whose funky design firm, 10m2, was founded in 2004, it’s unglamorously named the Multitubes bracelet. Made from hypoallergenic waxed cotton threads, each fitted with a long slim silver tube, it’s finished with a chunky silver fastening, so low-tech that it looks as if it would stand up to a brisk game of squash. Mine is in a splendid purple colour, which, curiously, goes with every outfit I own. But it’s also available in 19 other hues, from hot pink to electric blue via taupe and black. The 10m2 range includes the Mini Balls bracelet (£110), Double Chunky Tube bracelet (£80) and Heart bracelet (first picture, £65). Nice, straightforward names for simple, stylish designs that give you a tingle of pleasure every time you look down at your wrist.

My husband (aka Santa) found last Christmas’s bracelet in Skandium (£145), but I’ve since discovered that the best source for more by the same maker, in cotton, cord, silk and leather, is a London boutique called Orit. If I’m good, Santa might bring me a Mini Balls in orange (second picture) this year.

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