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A striking, spiky jewellery collection

Jewellery that will add zing to a winter wardrobe

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A striking, spiky jewellery collection

September 28 2011
Lucia van der Post

Those who are a bit too timid to embark on the continuing trend for colour-blocking can do their bit for the gaiety of the nation by adding some colourful jewels at neck, wrist or throat (though not, of course, all three at once).

A good brand for those wanting to add some zing to their autumn wardrobes is Mawi. Its USP is that it provides lots of bang for not very large bucks. Its most expensive piece is a stunning collar plated in hematite and rose gold with a stonking great emerald-coloured stone right in the middle, and a few spikes to add a bit of punk allure (£810). Or you could spend £284 on some gorgeous rose-gold-plated tasselled earrings with a large green or red stone in the middle (second picture).

Mawi has three collections this season: Heirloom, for those whose tastes run more towards the ladylike; Costume, which is stronger, more sculptural, but still with overtones of femininity; and finally, Pretty Tough – very sculptural, very androgynous, with references to men’s ID bracelets, and full of spikes and fangs.

A couple of its cuffs (£770 each, first pictured), adorned with brilliantly coloured stones and entwined chains, with those signature spikes again adding a bit of urban grit, are a more contemporary take on Chanel’s famous Verdura cuffs. But everything it does captures the mood of the moment and is full of panache.

It sells at Harvey Nichols, Harrods and Fenwick, and has recently opened its own shop in London, but you can also buy it online at its own website as well as Asos and My-wardrobe.

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