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A stylish makeover for a hippie-chic classic

Say hello to a luxe version of the ‘friendship’ bracelet

A stylish makeover for a hippie-chic classic

March 26 2011
Karen Wheeler

I consider myself lucky that precious jewellery is one luxury addiction that I’ve so far failed to acquire. Instead, the jewellery that I’m drawn to tends to be of a hippie sensibility and a luxe execution, such as that by LA-based designer Chan Luu.

It was while trying (unsuccessfully) to find a pair of J Brand “Gigi” jeans in Trilogy earlier this year that I first discovered Chan Luu’s signature “wrap” bracelet. Loitering at the sales desk while the assistant phoned around to try to track down the jeans, my eyes alighted on a display of delicate leather bracelets decorated with colourful semi-precious stones.

I was immediately drawn to them – possibly because they reminded me of a happy interlude between jobs when I backpacked around Thailand and Australia with a pair of Manolos in my rucksack and (cringeworthy confession coming up) a leather “friendship” bracelet wrapped around my wrist.

The Chan Luu “wrap” bracelet (£150 from Trilogy) is the luxe version of that bracelet. It comes in an eye-boggling array of coloured leathers and stones (some precious but most not), and has been worn by Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Megan Fox and, ahem, Lady Gaga.

My bracelet (now sold out) is decorated with multi-coloured stones and it wraps around the wrist four or five times. But many others, including single-wrap versions (from $90) in semi-precious stones such as turquoise or amazonite, are available from her website and US stockists (from $90), and in the UK from Trilogy (multi-wrap versions only).

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