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A ring addict unearths a fabulous winter treat

Discovering a jeweller with a fast-growing reputation

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A ring addict unearths a fabulous winter treat

January 08 2011
Charlotte Abrahams

I am addicted to rings – bejewelled, contemporary, silver rings to be precise. It’s an expensive habit and with a collection as extensive as mine, it does become difficult to justify yet another purchase. Imagine my delight, therefore, when my beloved decided that it was time for a winter treat.

As luck would have it, the Electrum Gallery on London’s South Molton Street was having one of its brilliant showcases and there, resting on a Perspex block, was exactly the kind of ring I dream about. Square in shape and boasting two discreet diamonds plus a huge amber-toned garnet set on its outside edge, it was made by Tanja Ufer, a German-born, UK-based jeweller with a fast-growing reputation.

I walked out wearing my Satellite ring (left in first picture) but Ufer makes most of her jewellery – a collection that also includes some sculptural Rough Cut rings and a range of rather unusual square necklaces (second picture) – to order. I took the bespoke route some weeks later, commissioning a simplified version of the Satellite ring (two diamonds on the top, no gemstone; right in first picture) which sits so neatly against its mate that they look like one piece. This is a characteristic of Ufer’s work. For example, the Rough Cut rings (third picture), with their wide silver bands and large, rough-cut diamonds (hence the name), are a chunkier take on the Satellite group and each would offset the other most beautifully. Now there’s an idea…

Prices start at £390 for the Satellite rings, £260 for the Rough Cut series and around £720 for the Opal Square necklace.

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