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A glittering cornucopia of jewellery for Christmas

It would be heaven to find these under the Christmas tree

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A glittering cornucopia of jewellery for Christmas

November 17 2010
Lucia van der Post

Since Christmas is already beginning to loom large, it’s time, perhaps, to have some spoiling thoughts – like jewellery. The problem is we’re spoilt for choice. From niche brands such as Kirsten Goss (beautiful handmade 18ct gold vermeil earrings, £165) and Manguette (gorgeous sculptural pieces) to the grand Bond Street emporia, there are delectable baubles that would be heaven to find waiting in little packages under the tree come the day.

Tiffany is a glamorous place to start – and though the bonus set could spend some £133,000 on a heavenly opera-length necklace of divine little diamonds, there’s plenty for those whose budget runs to less than £1,000. In its new Garden collection, based on the diamond floral created by Paulding Farnham, there are some ravishingly pretty and delicate 36in-long 18ct gold necklaces embellished with amethysts, peridots and citrines, all around the £685 mark. With a single flower pendant they’re £645.

Fans of Jean Schlumberger, one of Tiffany’s most famous designers (and the man behind the mount for the Tiffany diamond, and whose pieces were beloved by the Duchess of Windsor, Greta Garbo, Audrey Hepburn and many other glamorous women), might like to look at the collection of rings, each of which is a precise reproduction of an original Schlumberger design. Some sport spinels, some tanzanites, some diamonds but all are distinctive and beautiful (from about £21,000). And Schlumberger’s 18ct gold lockets, though not cheap (from £15,200), are a wonderful classic that a woman could wear anywhere, any time.

Now Theo Fennell is back at the helm of his eponymous shop, he’s brought in a raft of terrific new designs. His iconic bee range in 18ct gold makes for a great present – bracelets start at £575, while a necklace with 14 bees is £2,850. Moving up the scale there’s his new Secret Garden Key pendant, which is a gorgeously lavish combination of black diamonds with yellow gold leaves and a ruby at the end (£7,500), whilst his cult crosses and keys start at £475 for a plain 18ct white gold and rose gold Mini Angel Key pendant.

If you don’t have these sorts of sums to spend but want to give something small and precious, check out Astley Clarke. Among a vast range (from £45 to £22,000), it has masses of delicious earrings for around £100. I love particularly the white onyx and milky quartz Maryse drop earrings (£195), and the Luna Lights amethyst pair (£110).

First picture shows Tiffany 18ct gold Garden necklaces: flower pendants, £645; with amethysts, peridots and citrines, about £685. Second picture: Theo Fennell 18ct gold, black diamond, diamond and ruby Secret Garden Key pendant, £7,500. Third picture: Kirsten Goss 18ct gold vermeil, labradorite and citrine Amelia earrings, £165. Fourth picture: quartz earrings by Vaubel Designs from Manguette, £725.