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A talented jeweller comes out from under the radar

Jewellery that offers a great deal of bang for your buck

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A talented jeweller comes out from under the radar

October 01 2010
Lucia van der Post

Simon Harrison isn’t a name known to many outside the world of fashion and jewellery, but behind the scenes he’s one to note. He’s made jewellery for many a hot British fashion house, starting with designers such as Jean Muir and Bill Gibb, Zandra Rhodes and Bruce Oldfield, and in more recent times providing the finishing touch for Vivienne Westwood and John Galliano. He’s also worked with Jaeger (which always has stunning pieces for the look of the day), Matthew Williamson, Mulberry and Pringle, to name just a few household names.

He seems to have a gift for creating pieces that capture the mood of the moment, work with the clothes and are very wearable to boot.

While most of his life he’s kept a low profile, there’s now a collection of jewellery that he’s made under his own name. He first came to my attention when I noticed a friend wearing one of his stunning Iceflow necklaces, a collection of triangular crystal shapes that move and echo the shapes of ice crystals (fourth picture, £895; £1,750 for a double-length; £75 for the earrings). In very similar mood is his Fury’s Nest Necklace (third picture), this time made from oblong Swarovski crystal, to create a jagged necklace that catches the light beautifully and is divertingly interesting (£1,250).

I love, too, his Eagle Ray Brooch (first picture, £325), a curving, long-tailed ray with the surface set with dozens of dark sapphire cabochon stones, while on the back is the bas-relief image of an eagle. As for his Amphitrite Bangle (second picture), a glorious sculptural bracelet embellished with handmade glass cabochons and Swarovski stones in emerald and amethyst or ruby and amethyst; at £595, it seems to me to offer an amazing amount of bang for the buck. You can buy from his website and very select boutiques.

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