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Striking gold in a quest for the ideal ring

A ring that’s beautiful, practical, and personal

Striking gold in a quest for the ideal ring

August 23 2010
Gillian de Bono

Finding a new, everyday ring to join the three rings I never take off started out as a labour-of-love adventure I was excited about; but I was surprised by how difficult it proved. The ring had to compliment the others in style, and make a statement without looking out of place in the office, on the beach or any place in between. And it had to be practical – something that wouldn’t be a soap- and handcream-magnet, or constantly get snagged in a leather glove.

I had every confidence that one of London’s niche jewellers would come up trumps. But although I found no shortage of rings I loved, somehow most were just shy of being suitable for everyday wear; and those that ticked that box simply didn’t strike me as remarkable enough.

I was beginning to toy with the idea of commissioning a design when I discovered my perfect ring in De Beers, a big-name jeweller I’d always associated more with lovely, but decidedly classic, designs. It’s from De Beers’ Talisman range – not new (although De Beers did recently extend the range), but full of original, commentable designs, as witnessed by the fact that my ring constantly gets admiring glances and compliments.

I love the organic, not-quite oval shape, and the delicate hammering of the 18ct yellow gold face, which is set with fancy coloured rough and polished diamonds. Because each ring is handmade, the precise shape and stone combinations are unique every time. Perhaps that’s the best part – my ring is truly mine.

Talisman signet ring, £2,150. Measures about 15mm x 17mm and is also available in white gold. The range also includes earrings, pendants, bracelets and cuff links.

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