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Jewellery that’s perfect for stacking and layering

For high-impact jewellery, just add more jewellery

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Jewellery that’s perfect for stacking and layering

August 04 2010
Lucia van der Post

The mood continues among jewellers for designing collections that can be layered up in an individual and eclectic way. Delicate rings can be stacked to make a bold statement; bangles and bracelets can be piled up for an eclectic look.

Florentine Carolina Bucci’s delicate woven jewellery is perfect for those who want to go down the layering route. For this summer she has produced special versions of her Lucky bracelets, using coloured thread woven with silver instead of the usual silk and gold, which helps brings the price down from £375 to £150. Start with a single bracelet and you’ll soon have a wristful. Do the same with her finely woven gold Lucky necklaces (from £1,175), which you could add to her famous woven scarf ties. (Third picture: woven scarf, from £8,750.)

Kiki McDonough’s plain gold chains (£895) are simple and understated for daytime. For the evening, add one of her necklaces which has semi-precious stones strung along a gold chain (£1,900) and then top it up for grander evenings with one of her multi-stone pendants (second picture; £2,900).

At Annoushka, Annoushka Ducas is thinking along the same lines. Rings (fourth picture) start at £175, bracelets at £275, necklaces at £395. (First picture: kernal seed diamond pendant, £2,900.)

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