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Using vintage jewellery to make striking new pieces

Old-new jewellery from a clever, creative British brand

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Using vintage jewellery to make striking new pieces

June 09 2010
Lucia van der Post

If you like one-off pieces of jewellery with a vintage air that don’t cost the earth, then Dicha is the brand for you. It was launched last year by Diane Metta, one of the sisters who ran the Paul & Joe franchise in the UK, and Chantal Laren, co-founder of Pout cosmetics. Both women had big collections of vintage jewellery and, in fact, had met while buying jewellery at an antiques fair. They had the same notion – that by breaking the pieces up and putting the elements together in different ways, they could create something with more panache.

They certainly seem to have a great eye. My own Dicha earrings, made from two big yellow zirconia drops trimmed with little turquoise beads, are admired every time I wear them. There is also a collection of divine little evening bags, always trimmed up to give them fresh life. Prices range from £295 for earrings to £650 for necklaces. They’ve also launched a diffusion jewellery range for Whistles (prices from £45).

You can get an idea of the collection from the Dicha website, but to buy it the best source is the D&Me shop in London’s Brompton Road. It’s sold through Net-a-Porter, too, and will also be stocked in Liberty from the end of June.

Pictured: first picture, 1930s earrings with jade beads, £350 from Liberty. Second picture: Sofia bracelet, £450 from Net-a-Porter. Third picture: 1970s crystal motif earrings, £295 from Liberty. Fourth picture: Angelica bag, £485 from Net-a-Porter. Fifth picture: 1930s earrings, £350 from Net-a-Porter.

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