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The source of this winter’s favourite fur

It’s the ultimate in warm luxe

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The source of this winter’s favourite fur

December 31 2009
Vanessa Friedman

In New York for her star Christmas turn on Broadway in A Little Night Music, Catherine Zeta-Jones snuck into Saks and picked up a Hockley printed mink coat. For anyone else in search of the ultimate in warm luxe, however, I recommend going straight to the source: Hockley, on Conduit street in London, where during a recent flying visit I was struck dumb with longing at the sight of a midnight blue shaved mink, so understated it would fool even the most ardent animal activist into thinking it was velvet.

The brand’s owner, Frank Zilberkweit, says that the most popular item this winter is the Hockley “feathered” fur (first picture; also shown, second picture, De Lempicka raccoon coat). As it happens, I already own two of their coats (a green-and-brown-striped rabbit duffle about which people stop me on the street, and a knit rabbit “cardigan” that is the ultimate in comfort-dressing), so I’m trying to be restrained. But late at night, in my dreams…

Hockley printed mink coat, £6,295. Midnight blue sheered mink jacket, £7,195. Feathered fox jacket, £1,525. De Lempicka feathered raccoon coat, £1,850.

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