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A chic way to keep out the cold

Endlessly useful, and beautifully warm

A chic way to keep out the cold

January 04 2010
Lucia van der Post

Forget thermal underwear; the new way to keep warm without spending a fortune or bulking up is with Uniqlo’s HeatTech collection. Developed in conjunction with a Japanese fibre company, Toray Industries, it has a range of T-shirts, camisoles, leggings and polo necks in sober colours (chic anthracite grey, bottle green, black, deep maroon) or brighter ones for more extrovert souls (pink, lime green, buttercup yellow).

They’re light, easy to wear, retain heat, dry quickly, and, quite apart from keeping one warm, the long-sleeved T-shirts (pictured, £9.99) will be endlessly useful under short-sleeved or sleeveless dresses. Prices range from £6.99 to £14.99.

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