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Flat shoes can be glamorous, after all

The answer to a footsore fashionista’s prayer

Flat shoes can be glamorous, after all

December 16 2009
Avril Groom

Flat shoes generally don’t cut it for evening wear, which is an eternal regret. As someone who often finds going on foot the quickest way to get around town, especially between the current rounds of parties, I’m fed up with having to carry a large bag and inelegantly changing into high heels outside, all because I can’t find beautiful flatties. So perhaps it should be no surprise that my saviour is one of footwear’s classic innovators: Ferragamo. I have always regarded the iconic Varina pump, complete with grosgrain bow and gilt logo medallion, as too bourgeois Home Counties for my taste, until I pounced on the latest Glam version (from £325), which is the answer to a footsore fashionista’s prayer.

It is covered in tiny sequins, but they are applied in different directions, so an effect of the light makes them look decayed and destroyed; with subtle colours such as gunmetal, soft navy, chocolate and ruby, the whole impression is of a gorgeous vintage find from a rather neglected attic – perhaps appropriately, as the Varina Glams were created as a tribute to The Wizard of Oz and to Judy Garland, a lifelong client of the brand. The bow effect is merely traced in the sequins, except on the black version, which has an enamelled metal bow.

No matter that flat evening shoes can make you look stumpy (though they are more elegant with this season’s very short skirts or skinny trousers than towering spikes); I’ve found people focusing on my feet, rather than my dress. With a simple LBD, they’re the star of the party show.