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Serial handbag-owners can breathe a sigh of relief

It makes switching between handbags a doddle

Serial handbag-owners can breathe a sigh of relief

December 07 2009
Lucia van der Post

A brilliant idea for a spoilt puss who owns a trillion handbags – the handbag liner. Use it to line the handbag of the day. Fill it with the things you need. Use the nine zipped and mesh pockets for things such as keys, make-up, mobile phone, pens and other essentials. When you next change handbags, you simply remove the handbag liner in its entirety.

The rub, of course, is that you need to be pretty ruthless in culling the contents of your bag – not much point in decanting a series of scruffy handkerchiefs or crumpled-up receipts. The liners come in four styles and two sizes (the classic, which is 22cm x 15cm x 6cm and costs £24.95, and the business, which is bigger at 20cm x 26cm x 8cm and is £26.95). They’re made from nylon satin, can be washed and come in lots of colours.

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