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Easy clothing for a cosy winter

These are pieces designed to be worn on the sofa, not the catwalk

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Easy clothing for a cosy winter

January 18 2012
Lucia van der Post

In the deep mid-winter, it’s time to cosy up – and cosying up properly means layers, it means comfort, it means clothing that’s undemanding. Enter ME&EM, a company that sets out to provide the sort of pieces that are perfect for reading novels on sofas, watching a DVD or dozing round the fire.

Browse through the ME&EM brochure and there’s nothing that startles, nothing that aims to compete with Prada, Chanel, Erdem and their ilk, but plenty that many of us need to see us through the chilly months. While there are lots of the sort of anonymous but nicely cut dresses in greys and blacks that could be dressed up for any number of occasions, the things that really caught my eye were the fine vests (second picture, £35 in grey, black, white or navy, and in black and olive stripes) and the long-sleeved Ts with either round or V-necks (£57 for two in navy, white, and black and olive stripes). Most are made from fine 100 per cent cotton, although there’s also a Lyocell/wool jersey vest version (£55.30) in grey marl, navy, and a navy and grey stripe. All are fine enough to be perfect for adding an extra layer of warmth under a dress or sweater.

There are also lovely easy palazzo pants, just right for lounging in, which come in dark olive or black (£98, but currently £39.20 in the sale) and a splendidly roomy and easy cable swing dress with a high rolled collar which comes in a cashmere and wool mix (first picture, £398 in winter navy, mocha, mid-grey marl and graphite marl). Add warm tights and you should be able to brave the draughtiest country house. It also does the most comforting cardigan shape in the world – a shawl-collar trapeze cardi in grey marl and winter navy (£350), while the only nod in the direction of what we might call trends is a fur gilet in gunmetal grey (£325, but currently £162.50 in the sale).

These, as you can see, aren’t clothes for strutting your stuff in the smart restaurants of the world’s capital cities; they are strictly cosy at-home clothes, made with quality materials and perfectly relaxing. Just what we need when the winds howl and the snow falls. You can buy online, but it’s worth visiting the London shop on Connaught Street if you can.

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